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Pagan Online early access available in Australia, New Zealand

Its developer calls it half-Diablo, half-Warframe.

Pagan Online has extended its early access availability to those in Australia and New Zealand, Wargaming and Mad Head Games have today announced.

The action RPG is inspired by pre-Christian Slavic mythology and relies upon single-player and co-op PvE play using MOBA-like characters. As you can tell from its original April 2019 early access launch trailer compared to its current day gameplay trailer, the game’s really changing it up and embracing the idea of early access in an attempt to find its own identity.

“The balance is a long way off where we want to be,” Jacob Beucler, Product Director at Wargaming, told Stevivor, asserting that early access was a great way to figure that all out and that a steady update stream has been committed to.

“[We have] massive updates once a quarter,” Beucler said. “We have a really aggressive roadmap chalk full of really cool stuff. Our update cadence on quality-of-life stuff will continue at the pace we’re at.”

“Character diversity started off wide and not deep,” Urosh Banjesevic, Founder and Creative Director at Mad Head Games, added in reference to the game’s eight characters. Banjesevic believes the introduction of skill trees and the ability to customise characters is one way to correct that.

Banjesevic added that before release, he thought Pagan Online would attract Diablo fans, so tweaks were made to appeal to those who enjoy Warframe; now, he believes the game sits in the middle of those two titles.

Pagan Online is now available on Windows PC via Steam and via Wargaming’s own launcher, priced at $20 USD.


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