Overwatch Lunar New Year skins and CTF changes now live


Looking good!

Overwatch‘s Lunar New Year event is now live, bringing with it a bunch of new skins and changes to Capture the Flag (CTF).

Capture the Flag

First, here’s what’s different with CTF:

  • Flag pickup is instant
  • Flag cannot be picked up for 5 seconds after dropped
  • Flag return is 4 seconds
  • Flag return does not stop when taking damage
  • Match length is 8 minutes
  • After scoring, the flag takes 15 seconds to respawn

Moreover, a number of characters’ abilities have been restricted in CTF, as follows:

  • Doomfist: Meteor Strike, Seismic Slam, Rising Uppercut, Rocket Punch
  • Genji: Swift Strike
  • Pharah: Jump Jet, Concussive Blast: recoil (when used on yourself)
  • Reaper: Shadowstep, Wraith Form
  • Soldier: 76: Sprint
  • Sombra: Stealth, Translocator
  • Tracer: Blink, Recall
  • Junkrat: Concussion Mine (when used on yourself)
  • Mei: Cryo-freeze
  • Widowmaker: Grappling Hook
  • D.Va: Boosters, Self-Destruct (D.Va will also drop the flag if her mech is destroyed)
  • Reinhardt: Charge
  • Winston: Jump Pack, Primal Rage
  • Lucio: Amp It Up, Crossfade: speed boost
  • Mercy: Valkyrie, Guardian Angel
  • Moira: Fade, Coalescence
  • Zenyatta: Transcendence

New skins







What are you hoping to grab from Lunar New Year loot boxes?

Overwatch is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.