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Overwatch: Competitive Season 4 is now live


Overwatch‘s fourth competitive season has begun, bringing a host of changes along with it.

First, the shooter has a new server browser, letting players set their own filters. Gamers can choose from a list of pre-made options or simply choose their own.

Skill ratings have also changed this season. Those with rankings higher than 3,000 will need to play in at least seven matches per week in order to secure their ranking. The change has been made to “improve the accuracy of a player’s skill rating, make maintaining multiple high-level accounts more difficult, and make upper-tier placement more meaningful,” Blizzard advised.

Another change impacts respawns, with a delay timer coming into play when there are more attackers than defenders on a control point.

More change notes can be found here.

Overwatch is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.