Overkill’s The Walking Dead delayed to 2019 on console


But is on track for PC.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead has been delayed to 2019 on console, Starbreeze recently announced.

The game is still for its November release window on PC — 6 November in North America and 8 November in Europe and Australia, to be exact.

Originally announced for a 2016 release date, the game has since been pushed back first to 2017 and later to this year. It looks like those on Xbox One and PS4 will have to wait through another delay.

Starbreeze has said to expect the console versions of Overkill’s The Walking Dead from 6 February 2019 in North America and 8 February 2019 in Europe and Australia.

Were you planning on playing this game on console? Are you going to wait until next year or jump ship over to PC instead?