Outer Wilds PS4 release confirmed for later this month


Not long to wait.

An Outer Wilds PS4 release has been confirmed for later in the month of October, Mobius Digital today confirmed.

Taking to the PlayStation Blog, the game’s developer confirmed the PS4 release for 15 October. The PS4 release will join existing releases on both Windows PC and Xbox One.

“As the player uncovers secrets, they unravel the game’s narrative: a web of interconnected mysteries. Every piece of written information in the game is useful in some way – there is no lore that only fleshes out an unimportant backstory,” Kelcey Rice of Mobius Digital said of the title.

“Progression through the world of Outer Wilds is only limited by the player’s knowledge, so we recommend waiting to watch others play through the game until after you’ve played it yourself.”

Outer Wilds is available on Windows PC and Xbox One and heads to PS4 on 15 October.