OpenCritic to take a stand against loot boxes


OpenCritic is against loot boxes and microtransactions, the video game review aggregation site recently declared.

The site took to Twitter to post its stance on microtransactions yesterday.

The site took to a Twitter thread to begin spit-balling ideas. At present, it’s unclear exactly how OpenCritic plans to take this stand.

Love them or hate them, microtransactions are present in most major titles, with Middle-earth: Shadow of War being the latest to offer up cosmetic items for real-world cash (though in-game currency can also be earned at a much slower rate). Titles like Forza Motorsport 7 have also joined the loot box trend, offering up randomised rewards for in-game currency. Publisher Activision Blizzard made over $3.6 billion in loot box revenue in 2016.

Do you appreciate the stance that OpenCritic is taking towards combating these types of transactions?

We’ll keep you informed as OpenCritic details its plans.

Disclosure: Stevivor is an aggregated site on OpenCritic.