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Now Alan Wake Remastered has a Control Easter egg

And maybe more?

Alan Wake Remastered has a Control Easter egg and we’re starting to worry Remedy is creating some sort of real-world paradox that will destroy us all.

Inside “Chapter 2: Taken” and the “Bright Falls Sheriff’s Station” checkpoint, Stevivor has noticed a letter inside Sheriff Sarah Breaker’s office. Below, you can see images of the office in the 2010 Xbox 360 version of Alan Wake and the 2021 Xbox Series X version of Alan Wake Remastered. In the latter, the camera actually swings out a little so you can view the document, whereas there was no need for that in the original.

The letter is addressed to a Sheriff Breaker, but not Sarah; rather, it’s meant for her father Frank. Here’s where it starts to get interesting.

In 2010’s Alan Wake we learned that Frank Breaker was a former cop in New York, but it was never said he was Bright Falls’ Sheriff; those lines of dialogue remain unchanged in Alan Wake Remastered.

Later in Control, we learned that Frank was an agent of the Federal Bureau of Control, under the command of then-head William Kirklund. This newfound letter, by the way? It’s from Kirklund.

The events in Chapter 2 take place on 9 September, four full days before Control establishes that Kirklund was made aware of the Altered World Event (AWE) that Alan Wake launches in Bright Falls. In Control lore, it’s Breaker himself who tells Kirklund about the bizarre happenings on 13 September.

As for what it all means, we don’t know. It could just be a neat little tidbit, or something more sinister. In Control, Thomas Zane was referred to as a filmmaker rather than a poet; now, Breaker is a Sheriff and/or an FBC agent. What’s going on?

By all accounts, it’s happening again.

We’ve uncovered a number of Alan Wake Easter eggs inside Control right here.

Now that we know Remedy has slipped in some new content, we’re on the hunt for more. Join us, won’t you, and sound off in the comments area below if you happen across something.

Alan Wake Remastered heads to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5 on 5 October.

Alan Wake Remastered

5 October 2021
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