Do Not Love is a visual novel about illegal hand-holding


A touch can sometimes be deadly...

Do Not Love, a visual novel about “illegal hand-holding” is now live and seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

“We’ve always wanted to make a visual novel with an emphasis in hand-holding,” developer Team Bisugo wrote to Stevivor in a statement. “In Do Not Love – Violators Will Be Shot, you play as an intimus – someone who sells illegal intimacy inside a city-wide quarantine zone. In a place where skin contact means death, all your choices define whether you perish, survive or maybe… even find love.”

You can check out Do Not Love below, back it on Kickstarter here or even download a demo from too. At the time of writing, the title is at $1,040 AUD of its $8,831 AUD goal with 36 days to go.

Are you thinking about backing Do Not Love? Why or why not?