Norman Reedus likes Death Stranding far more than Silent Hills


"I like the fact that Silent Hills didn’t happen, to be honest..."

Death Stranding‘s Norman Reedus says he much prefers Hideo Kojima’s latest work over the cancelled Silent Hills game planned for Konami.

Speaking with the Hollywood Reporter, Reedus said he was sad that Silent Hills was cancelled but than “completely forgot” about it when Kojima started describing Death Stranding to him.

“I was like, thank god that didn’t work because this is way better,” Reedus said. “This is a completely different thing. I’ve really gotten to know the mind of Hideo a little bit. I like the fact that Silent Hills didn’t happen, to be honest, because I’ve gotten such a peek into the way he works and the way he thinks, and I’m completely blown away by this guy.”

Silent Hills was first announced at E3 2014; Kojima used P.T. — or “playable teaser” — to launch itSilent Hills was cancelled by Konami shortly thereafter, part of a feud between Kojima and Konami that saw the developer leave to begin work on Death Stranding itself.

Death Stranding heads to PS4 on 8 November; it follows on PC in 2020.