Nintendo makes 60% of its revenue over Christmas


Reggie's body is ready for the holidays.

Nintendo makes 60% of its annual revenue in the Americas over the Christmas period, Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed.

The Nintendo of America President said the company as a goal of selling 20 million consoles by the end March 2019; while they’re at 5 million consoles as of October 2018, Fils-Aime doesn’t seem to worried about hitting that goal. The recent launch of Pokemon Let’s Go and the upcoming arrival of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will certainly help add to that figure.

“We typically do, in the Americas, about 60% of our revenue during that time frame,” Fils-Aime told Yahoo. “The reason that it’s so significant is first, our products make great gifts. Whether you’re talking about Nintendo Switch, whether you’re talking about Nintendo 2DS, we really do well with that gift- giving occasion.”

Fils-Aime continued to say that Nintendo’s continued success relies on the company’s willingness to take risks. He pointed to the recent release of LABO as an example of this.

“The consumer didn’t know that there was fun to be had with cardboard kits in an interactive experience, and the ability to create your own types of experiences using cardboard,” he said. “But we delivered it, and the consumer went wild. The consumer didn’t know that they wanted a gaming system that they could play on their big screen TV, but then take it with them and never leave the game behind. But we did that and the consumers want more.”

Do you have a Nintendo Switch? If not, are you planning on buying one for yourself or a loved one as a Christmas gift?