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Nintendo to initiate YouTube affiliate program to share ad revenue

Nintendo has announced plans today to commence a revenue sharing, affiliate program for users broadcasting footage from Nintendo games on YouTube.

In two tweets — translated by Gamasutra —  Nintendo announced the plans advising that those seeking to post video blogs or “Let’s Plays” will need to get permission from Nintendo first. Last year Nintendo issued Content ID Match copyright claims on a number of YouTube videos that contained footage from its games. Fans were upset and the backlash over Nintendo claiming ad revenue on some videos and outright banning others seemed to cause the Japanese publisher to back away.

The new plan will see revenue split between Nintendo, Google and the video creator. Nintendo has already begun to tag videos containing footage of Nintendo games and having Nintendo ads appear on the same videos.

In a statement to Gamasutra a Nintendo representative said, ‘”Nintendo has been permitting the use of Nintendo copyrighted material in videos on YouTube under appropriate circumstances. Advertisements may accompany those videos, and in keeping with previous policy that revenue is shared between YouTube and Nintendo.

“In addition, for those who wish to use the material more proactively, we are preparing an affiliate program in which a portion of the advertising profit is given to the creator. Details about this affiliate program will be announced in the future.”

Anyone affected by this or thinking of becoming an affiliate?


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