Newfound Courage Steam Early Access starts next week


Want to try the gay game early?

A Newfound Courage Steam Early Access release was today announced by its developer.

Developer Curtis Campion took to the game’s Steam page to announce that Part 1 — roughly 45 minutes of gameplay — will be available inside Steam Early Access from 30 October.

“We are using Early Access because we want to take players on a journey through the development of Newfound Courage, starting with part one,” Campion wrote. “The community and our supporters have so far provided our team with invaluable feedback, so releasing the game into Early Access will help me create a better game overall.

“What we are releasing to Early Access at this stage is part one of a three part story. The final version of the game will of course include all three parts of the story. We plan on releasing part two and three into Early Access when they reach a reasonable level of polish, and ideally these will incorporate feedback from the Early Access part one.”

For more information on the Early Access release, head here.

Newfound Courage is expected to release fully by March 2019. The title was recently shortlisted at the first Melbourne Queer Games Festival.