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Newest PlayStation 4 Pro model CUH-7200 is much quieter

Sony is silencing the jet engines.

Two years after its original launch, Sony has released another updated model of the PlayStation 4 Pro (CUH-7200), which is considerably quieter than the launch model; regularly ridiculed for sounding like a jet engine under heavy load.

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry has done a full work up on the newest variation, comparing it to the launch model and last year’s CUH-7100, which was also an improvement.

The only physical change of note to the console is a new power adapter. The original PS4 Pro used the standard cable Sony had been using since the PS3. The CUH-7200 PS4 Pro uses an eight-pronged adapter similar to the Xbox One X and PS4 Slim.

Interestingly, the two newer models run slightly hotter than the original console, but their fans remain much quieter. It’s still not as quiet as the Xbox One X, but is less of a distraction than the loud launch model.

At the moment, it’s only available as part of the Red Dead Redemption 2 + PS4 Pro bundle, where you need to look for product code CUH-7216B.


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