New Star Trek Timelines campaign features Sisko, Ezri Dax

The current Star Trek Timelines campaign is about to conclude, and with that, developer Disruptor Beam has detailed the next one to come.

Starting 11 July, the game’s next campaign — think Fornite or Apex Legends’ Battle Pass and you’re on the right track — will offer up the five-star High Roller Sisko as the paid reward and four-star Waitress Ezri Dax as the free-reward. To earn (multiple copies) of the featured characters, players will need to complete and cash in a series of daily rewards over a one-month period.

Players consider High Roller Sisko a Tier 2 character, while Waitress Ezri sits within Tier 8.

There’s still a short period of time to complete the game’s current campaign, which offers the five-star Mirror Jean-Luc Picard and four-star Admiral Picard as main rewards.

Star Trek: Timelines is available now on Windows PC, iOS and Android devices.

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