New Star Trek Online Mirror of Discovery operation heads to PC


More for PC players to do.

A new Star Trek Online Mirror of Discovery operation heads to PC very shortly, Perfect World and Cryptic today confirmed.

Titled Pahvo Dissension, the mission is a brand new featured Task Force Operation that will be available to players from 22 February here in Australia.

“Nothing is ever simple when dealing with the Mirror Universe. Nothing is ever simple when dealing with temporal displacement. Even fewer things are simple when dealing with temporally-displaced members of the Mirror Universe,” Perfect World said of the content. “In Pahvo Dissension… five Alliance captains will deal with the aftermath of the recent events at Pahvo. Wreckage of the I.S.S. Charon has crash landed on the planet, torn through time and space due to ion storms, mycelial interference, and Captain Tilly’s nefarious actions. The Terrans want to make Prime Pahvo into the bioterror that is Mirror Pahvo.”

Players will be tasked to help purify the Terran agonizer corruption and free Pahvo itself.

The special event will run for 3 weeks on Windows PC and will head to Xbox One and PS4 later in the year. Today, Perfect World also confirmed that Mirror of Discovery will head to consoles from early next month.

Star Trek Online is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.