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New Nielsen games report says 46% of us play on only one platform, 57% love DLC


A new Nielsen games report, conducted in the United States of America with persons 13+ years old, has offered up some amazing insights.

The report, interviewing more than 2,000 persons — and equally split between males and females — says 64% of the United States’ population play video games. This percentage has basically remained the same for the past three reports; 63% identified as gamers in 2014 and 2015, compared to the 1% increase in 2016. Of that audience, 46% play on only one platform. If forced to choose an allegiance, of sorts, 47% of total players prefer a traditional gaming console, 27% prefer PC and 26% rely on their smartphone or tablet.

When it comes to watching game content, 70% of players prefer YouTube, while Twitch comes in a distant second with 19%. ESPN, IGN and GameSpot make up the remainder of the top five video services.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 94% of Esports fans say they’re gamers. Men make up 77% of that audience, with the average age of an Esports fan pegged between 25-34.

DLC seems to divide the community — 57% of gamers say being able to purchase DLC is important to them.

Finally, 67% of gamers play to be social, while 73% say they keep up to date with the latest news.

For far more insights, you can read the report for yourself here.