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Injustice 2 mobile’s story mode: First four fights now live


The mobile version of Injustice 2‘s story mode has dropped early, giving players access to the campaign’s first four fights.

Each fight follows a rather length cutscene which is likely 1:1 with the game’s console version. We’ll detail the first four fights below, so beware: spoilers lie ahead.

As expected, the game’s first chapter takes place after Superman is tricked into killing Lois Lane, but before most of the events of the first InjusticeChapter one of Shattered Alliances is from the perspective of Batman and Robin, en route to save a batch of Arkham Asylum criminals from execution at the hands of Superman himself.

If you know the events of the first Injustice, you know what that does to Batman’s relationship with his son Damian, also known as Robin.

The first four fights of Injustice 2‘s story campaign — or, at the very least, its mobile version — are as follows:

  • Batman (player-controlled) versus Cyborg
  • Batman (player-controlled) versus Wonder Woman
  • Batman (player-controlled) versus Superman
  • Batman (player-controlled) versus Robin

Strangely enough, while Batman drops a red solar grenade to take on Superman, it’s not explained how he can match Wonder Woman punch for punch. Later on, as portrayed in Injustice, a special drug helps the non-powered DC heroes take on their powered-up counterparts.

The second part of Injustice 2‘s story on mobile is expected soon. Injustice 2 is currently available on iOS and Android, and heads to Xbox One and PS4 on 16 May.