This new Days Gone trailer is all about heartache


I'm not crying, you're crying.

A new Days Gone trailer is going straight for your heartstrings, showing the world before the apocalypse you’ll be trying to survive within.

Titled “The Wedding,” the new trailer features protagonist Deacon St. John reminiscing about his wedding to a woman named Sarah.

“Long before a global pandemic killed the world – turning the Pacific Northwest into a terrifying no-man’s land of Freakers, Marauders and those just struggling to survive – the Farewell Wilderness set the stage for an unlikely romance between an outlaw biker and an extraordinary young woman from Seattle,” Sony Bend’s John Garvin wrote.

“The wilderness is where they met, it’s where he taught her to ride, where she taught him about botany – the reason she was in the high desert in the first place. It’s where he proposed to her. It’s where, in a small church in the tiny town of Marion Forks, witnessed only by long-time friend William ‘Boozer’ Gray, Deacon and Sarah were married.”

Check out the trailer below.

Days Gone heads to PS4 on 26 April.