NBA 2K19 players complain about unskippable ads


Players are okay with the idea on mobile, but not on console.

NBA 2K19 players have taken to Reddit to complain of unskippable ads that appear inside loading screens.

Redditor afilathiel was the first to notice the change, posting a thread titled, “Unskippable ads in a 60$ game, [f*ck] you 2k.” Other Redditors quickly piled onto the thread with a confirmation of the new ads alongside their own thoughts.

“The sneaky [expletive],” user dramaticpotatoes wrote, referring to a recent sale that discounted NBA 2K19 to $2.99 USD. “Sell the game at a $3 price point to get an influx of players so they can pull this shit. Such a predatory company, it’s disgusting.”

“Just experienced this,” bobridges34 added. “Ads on free mobile games is one thing. I’ve already paid for this [expletive]. Not cool.”

The thread suggests turning off 2KTV to try to combat the ads, which appear to stop a game from loading fully into an entire ad is played through to its conclusion.

We’ve reached out to 2K for more information on the matter.

NBA 2K19 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch… and also iOS and Android, where in-game ads like this are generally more accepted.