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League of Legends teases new range of PROJECT skins

New skins for League of Legends are a relatively common thing these days with new ones hitting almost every patch. Most of these are known well in advance from the work of sites like Surrender at 20, so it’s rare to have new and unknown skins coming. Developers Riot Games have gone all out this time by teasing the skins well before they hit the Public Beta Environment to hide them from our greedy little eyes.

PROJECT League of Legends

This new set belongs to the line of PROJECT skins, a futuristic cyborg-like set that can be seen in game already with samurai-styled champion Yasuo. The teaser site hints at 5 more skins to join Yasuo with a riddle and a weapon belonging to a specific champion. It appears that League champions Fiora, Zed, Leona and Lucian will be on the receiving end of the new skins but the 5th is so far a mystery. The popular theory in the League community at the moment is that the 5th skin/weapon belongs to Yone, the brother of Yasuo mentioned in his lore.

It seems the full reveal is awfully close now, with the skins likely to be pushed to the PBE shortly after. You can check out the teaser site for yourself here or, if you’re patient, check back here for all the details once they hit the PBE.

Images taken from Surrender at 20, we’re always thankful for their work!

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