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Kingdom Come Deliverance has a 23GB day one patch



Kingdom Come Deliverance has a massive 23GB day one patch, Deep Silver has confirmed.

Will Powers, Senior Manager for Marketing and PR at Deep Silver, took to ResetEra to explain the 23GB patch, one that doubles the title; the base game weighs in at 23GB on Xbox One.

“The production realities of game development mean that a ‘release’ version has to be finalized some time before the actual release date,” Powers wrote. “We could have used this time to get some rest, or we could use it to create some additional content and sell it to you as DLC, but we went back to the version-to-be-released and worked on it.

“The results are obvious: quests are more balanced, RPG progression is smoother, the game runs faster and every facet of the game got more polish. The drawback of course is that most of the data in the old build was replaced and has to be downloaded as a patch. At a hefty size, it’s going to take some time to download and it’s a shame. Still, we strongly believe that after four years wait it will pay off to wait a little bit longer while the Day 1 patch is downloading.”

Are you comfortable with such a large day one patch?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is available on Windows PC, Xbox and PS4 today, 13 February.