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Kayo Sports is Foxtel’s standalone sport streaming service for $25 per month

Foxtel has soft launched a standalone sport streaming service called Kayo Sports.

It includes most of Fox Sports’ repertoire, including AFL, NRL, soccer (A-League), NBA, NBL, NFL, motor racing and its current draw card, cricket — One Day Internationals and some Big Bash matches are exclusive to Foxtel, and now Kayo, this summer.

It’s priced competitively at $25 per month for two simultaneous streams or $35 for three streams. Considering Foxtel Now recently increased its price to $54 per month for 720p sport streaming, Kayo presents considerably better value.

The Kayo website claims it offers HD* streaming. We don’t like the look of that asterisk, but the support team has confirmed it is 1080p at 50 frames per second — a first for Foxtel, which has never streamed live content in full HD.

What devices is Kayo Sports on?

This is a very soft launch, it’s still in beta, despite charging full price after a 14 day free trial. The beta initially only offered in-browser streaming optimised for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox on desktop and mobile. There is also Chromecast support intended for Chromecast Ultra.

Updated 21/11/2018: Kayo says it will leave beta “sometime this year”, and while it initially launched with no apps, several have been released just two weeks after first going live. There are now apps available on Android, iOS and Apple TV, with Telstra TV, Android TV apps in development.

That still leaves a large gap in the market, as Airplaying, Chromecasting or mirroring from a mobile device to a TV screen is serviceable, but not ideal for many potential users; you are also out of luck if you’re not using one of those streaming boxes.

Kayo has not mentioned any native smart TV apps, nor support for PS4 or Xbox One. When we contacted Kayo Support, they confirmed there is currently no support for either console. Then added they are “looking to expand coverage” to more devices, and that “Xbox [One] is on our radar”.

That suggests Xbox One may get an app before PS4. That would be a change in tactic, as Foxtel Now released on PS4 before Xbox One, and actually never made it to Microsoft’s console, which is still stuck with the older, SD-only Foxtel Play. However, Optus Sports has an Xbox One app but no PS4 support, which may explain Kayo prioritising Xbox — we still hope to see apps on both consoles, and a proper announcement, as soon as possible.

On-demand sport with no spoilers

As well as live sport, Kayo will offer match replays on-demand. If you’re saving a match for later, the no spoilers mode will remove live and final scores.

Simply hit the hamburger button in the menu to toggle scores on or off.

Four-way spiltscreen

Can’t decide what to watch? Are there two games of footy on at once? SpiltView allows you to watch two, three or four streams at the same time.

Drag and drop the streams you would like to watch and position them as you see fit. They can all have equal billing, or you can opt for a main screen with smaller secondary matches. This feature is available on desktop and tablets, with mobile support coming soon.

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