July 2019 Xbox update adds Alexa, Xbox Game Pass Play Later


Alexa, do you remember Kinect voice commands?

The July 2019 Xbox update is now avaliable, adding Alexa voice commands alongside the Xbox Game Pass Play Later feature.

The Play Later feature is essentially Groups for Xbox Game Pass, letting players craft a to-play list from the available titles in the Xbox Game Pass catalogue. You can add to the list from your Xbox One or from the Xbox Game Pass mobile app on iOS and Android.

Next, the update adds the Xbox Skill for Alexa in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the USA, meaning players can use their Amazon Alexa-enabled device to issue voice commands to their console.

All Alexa voice commands for Xbox One

A full list of Alexa commands can be found below:

ActionCommand [SH = smart home, VS = video skill]
Volume upAlexa, tell Xbox volume up
Alexa, tell Xbox volume up [number]
Alexa, [device name] volume up SH
Alexa, volume up on [device name] SH
Alexa, tell Xbox to increase volume
Alexa, tell Xbox to turn up
Alexa, tell Xbox to turn the volume up
Volume downAlexa, tell Xbox volume down
Alexa, tell Xbox volume down [number]
Alexa, [device name] volume down SH
Alexa, volume down on [device name] SH
MuteAlexa, tell Xbox to mute
Alexa, mute [device name] SH
UnmuteAlexa, tell Xbox to unmute
Alexa, unmute [device name] SH
PauseAlexa, pause SH
Alexa, tell Xbox to pause
Alexa, [device name] pause SH
Alexa, pause on [device name] SH
PlayAlexa, play SH
Alexa, tell Xbox to play
Alexa, [device name] play SH
Alexa, play on [device name] SH
Alexa, tell Xbox to resume
NextAlexa, next SH
Alexa, tell Xbox next
Alexa, next on [device name] SH
Alexa, tell Xbox to play next
Alexa, tell Xbox to skip forward
PreviousAlexa, previous SH
Alexa, tell Xbox previous
Alexa, previous on [device name] SH
Alexa, tell Xbox to play previous
Alexa, tell Xbox to skip back
StopAlexa, stop SH
Alexa, tell Xbox to stop
Alexa, stop [device name] SH
Power onAlexa, [device name] on SH
Alexa, turn [device name] on SH
Alexa, tell Xbox to turn on
Power offAlexa, tell Xbox to turn off
Alexa, [device name] off SH
Alexa, turn [device name] off SH
RebootAlexa, tell Xbox to reboot
Launch game or appAlexa, play [name] VS
Alexa, launch [name] VS
Alexa, launch [name] on Xbox VS
Alexa, start [name] VS
Alexa, open [name] VS
Alexa, go to [name] VS
Alexa, tell Xbox to play [name]
Alexa, tell Xbox to launch [name]
Alexa, tell Xbox to start [name]
Alexa, tell Xbox to open [name]
Alexa, tell Xbox to go to [name]
Capture screenshotAlexa, tell Xbox to take a screenshot
Record game clipAlexa, record that VS
Alexa, tell Xbox to record that
Find new games on Game PassWhat’s new on Game Pass?
What’s new on Game Pass this month?
What games are new on Game Pass?
What games are new this month on Game Pass?
What games are new on Game Pass this month?
What are new games this month on Game Pass?
What are new games on Game Pass this month?
What are new games on Game Pass?
Find popular games on Game PassWhat’s popular on Game Pass?
What should I play on Game Pass?
What are the most played games on Game Pass?
What are people playing on Game Pass?
What’s on Game Pass?
What are the top games on Game Pass?
What games are popular on Game Pass?
See what’s leaving Game PassWhat’s leaving Game Pass?
What’s leaving Game Pass this month?
What games is Game Pass losing this month?
What games is Game Pass losing?
What’s Game Pass losing this month?
What’s Game Pass losing?
What’s going away from Game Pass this month?
What’s going away from Game Pass?
What’s going away from Game Pass this month?
What’s expiring from Game Pass this month?
What’s expiring from Game Pass?
Check if a game is on Game PassIs [Game] on Game Pass?
Can I get [Game] on Game Pass?
Is [Game] available on Game Pass?
Find out who’s playing a gameWho’s playing [game]?
Who is playing [Game]?
Is anyone playing [Game]?
Is anybody playing [Game]?
See if a friend is onlineIs [friend] online?
Is [friend] on?
Is [friend] around?
Is [friend] available?
What is [friend] doing?
Is [friend] playing a game?
Set your online statusChange my online status
Switch my online status
Change my status to [status]
Switch my status to [status]
Appear [status]
Appear as [status]
Connect my controllerConnect controller
Pair controller
Pair my controller
Link controller
Sync controller
Add controller
Start pairing controller
Start controller pairing
Start controller linking
Start controller syncing
Start controller adding
Eject discEject
Eject disc
Eject game
Start broadcastingAlexa, tell Xbox to start broadcasting
Alexa, tell Xbox to broadcast on Mixer
Alexa, tell Xbox to start streaming
Stop broadcastingAlexa, tell Xbox to stop broadcasting
Alexa, tell Xbox to stop my stream
Alexa, tell Xbox to stop Mixer stream
Alexa, tell Xbox to end broadcast
Start a partyAlexa, tell Xbox to start a party
Alexa, tell Xbox to start a party with [friend’s first name]
Send a messageAlexa, tell Xbox to send a message to [friend’s first name]
Invite friend to gameAlexa, tell Xbox to invite [friend’s first name] to the party
Watch TVAlexa, tell Xbox to watch TV
Tune to a TV channelAlexa, watch [channel name or number] VS
Alexa, tell Xbox to watch [channel name or number]
Alexa, tell Xbox to change to [channel name or number]
Read/check notificationsAlexa, tell Xbox to check notifications
Alexa, tell Xbox to open notifications
Go homeAlexa, go home VS
Alexa, tell Xbox to go home
Alexa, tell Xbox to go to Home
Alexa, tell Xbox to go to Dashboard
Go backAlexa, tell Xbox to go back
Show [guide destination]Alexa, show Settings VS
Alexa, show Collection VS
Alexa, show Guide VS
Alexa, tell Xbox to show [guide destination]
Alexa, tell Xbox to go to [guide destination]
Alexa, tell Xbox to open [guide destination]
Guide destination names:

tab:

  • Sign in
  • Log in
  • Profiles

Achievements tab:

  • Achievements

Multiplayer tab:

  • Multiplayer

People tab:

  • People

Main guide tab:

  • Guide

Communication tab:

  • Communication
  • Messaging

Broadcast and capture tab:

  • Broadcast and capture
  • Capture
  • Captures

System tab

  • System

Invitations flyout

  • Invitations
  • Invites

Looking for Group flyout

  • Looking for Group
  • LFG

Tournaments flyout

  • Tournaments

Friends flyout

  • Friends
  • Who’s online

Clubs flyout

  • Clubs

Recent players flyout

  • Recent players

Alerts flyout

  • Alerts

Conversations flyout

  • Conversations
  • Messages

Recent captures flyout

  • Recent captures

Notifications flyout

  • Notifications
Show context menuAlexa, tell Xbox to show menu
Change viewAlexa, tell Xbox to change view
Sign inAlexa, tell Xbox to sign in
Sign outAlexa, tell Xbox to sign out
Search the StoreAlexa, tell Xbox to search the Store for [query]
Alexa, tell Xbox to search for [query]
Redeem a codeAlexa, tell Xbox to redeem a code
Alexa, tell Xbox to use a code
Quit game or appAlexa, tell Xbox to quit game
Alexa, tell Xbox to quit app
NavigationAlexa, tell Xbox to press [A, B, X, Y] button
Alexa, tell Xbox to press [right, left] bumper
Alexa, tell Xbox to press [right, left] trigger
Alexa, tell Xbox to go [up, down, left, right]
Alexa, tell Xbox to scroll [up, down, left, right]
Navigation modeAlexa, tell Xbox to start navigation mode
Available commands:

  • [A, B, X, Y] button
  • [Right, left] bumper
  • [Right, left] trigger
  • Up, down, left, right
  • Scroll [up, down, left, right]
  • Exit (stops navigation mode)
HelpAlexa, ask Xbox what I can say?
Link specific assistant device to specific consoleAlexa, tell Xbox to pair
Alexa, tell Xbox to pair my device
Suggest a featureAlexa, tell Xbox I wish I could ________
Alert the Xbox team when a command failsAlexa, tell Xbox to file a bug


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