John Wick Hex’s Mike Bithell gets his ass kicked by stunt coordinators


But for a good cause.

A new John Wick Hex video features designer Mike Bithell getting his ass kicked by stunt coodinators from the John Wick trilogy of films.

Bithell went to 87Eleven Action Design, the action design production company responsible for the moves seen inside the John Wick series alongside other major motion pictures like Deadpoll 2, Jurassic World and Atomic Blonde. Bithell was there to learn how Wick moves, and hopefully, to intregrate those techniques into his own title.

Developed by Bithell and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment in partnership with Lionsgate, John Wick Hex looks to play like a top-down version of Superhot. We don’t officially confirmed platforms, nor a release date, as yet.