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Hyper Scape battle royale leaks ahead of Ubisoft reveal

The neon cat's out of the bag.

Hyper Scape, a battle royale title allegedly coming from developer Ubisoft Montreal, has been leaked ahead of a proper reveal.

Major social media posts by Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau and Twitch streamer FFearFul have detailed the leaks, with Breslau describing the title as a “fast-paced FPS battle royale” and confirming the game’s codename (Prisma Dimensions). FFearFul has posted concept art, shown below.

Hyper Scape is a free to play BR FPS set in a futuristic virtual world for both PC and consoles,” Breslau said, citing unnamed sources. “The console launch [is] coming later this year [and includes] crossplay.”

Breslau also detailed “an example of how Twitch chat can affect the game with +speed and +health items” and that “not only will viewers be able to gain progress by watching games, [but] streamers will earn revenue from bits purchases.”

Concept art posted by FFearFul (and retweeted by Ubisoft’s official Middle East Twitter account) led fans to a website for the fictional Prisma Dimensions, which in turn details “the Hyper Scape”.

“Prisma Dimensions is thrilled to bring you the first iteration of the Hyper Scape on July 2nd – and with it, the pulse-pounding action of Crown Rush! Get ready to drop into the neon-drenched streets of the world’s premiere virtual city, Neo Arcadia,” the website reads.

“You’ll want to hit the ground running, as you’ll need every advantage you can find to give yourself a leg up on the competition. Only the best contenders will make it to the final showdown. Will you claim victory, or fall to the perils of the Hyper Scape?”

The website points to a 2 July event, so we’ll likely hear more of Hyper Scape then.


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