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Hitman’s first elusive, one-try target is available now

Hitman‘s first Elusive Target is now available to, well, try and kill.

Elusive Targets are pieces of live content published between the game’s episodes, and each come with specific rules:

  • An Elusive Target is a once in a lifetime experience.
  • They are available for a limited time only in game – this first Elusive Target will last 48 hours.
  • Intel on the target will be limited.
  • They will not appear in instinct mode, or the mini map and their locations will not be revealed to you – you’ll have to go and find them.
  • Plan accordingly before you engage your target.
  • Your target can only die once.
  • If you die during the mission, that’s it.
  • When the time runs out, they are gone for good.
  • If you fail, there are no second chances.

You have this weekend to eliminate your target on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC.


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