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Here’s how Insomniac renders Spider-Man’s Manhattan

Neat tech.

Insomniac has detailed how it renders Spider-Man‘s Manhattan at 4K, and it’s fascinating.

“Like many open-world games, we have to carefully parcel up our world up into small sections, since the whole island of Manhattan would be impossible to fit into the PS4’s memory at one time,” Chief Architect, Al Hastings, told the PlayStation Blog.

“There are approximately 800 square tiles making up our version of Marvel’s New York, each 128 meters square, making the city several times larger than what we built for Sunset Overdrive.”

In 4K, Insomniac uses something it calls “temporal injection,” a technique it used in Ratchet & Clank.

“Temporal injection is a technique we use to create a full 4K image on the PS4 Pro without rendering every pixel on every single frame,” added Director of Core, Mike Fitzgerald.

“We render slightly more than half the pixels, then “inject” them into a full-sized 4K image. By slightly jittering the locations of the rendered pixels from frame to frame, we can reconstruct a very accurate anti-aliased full 4K image over a handful of frames.”

Spider-Man is available now on PS4.


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