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This is what happens if you try to go to the star in Starlink

I'll be trying anyway.

While awaiting my interview with Starlink Creative Director Laurent Malville, I decided to leave my hands-on station flying at hyper-speed towards the Atlas system’s star. I hadn’t made it after about 20 minutes, but did have a a very bright white screen. So my first question was obvious.

We can easily move between the seven planets, but is it possible to actually reach the star?

Laurent looked at me bewildered I would even try.

“If you go too close to the star, the temperature will first increase and you see the heat damage on your ship,” he said. “Eventually you’ll start to take damage closer to the star and eventually the energy of your shield is going to drop and then your shield will be destroyed.”

Fortunately pilots will be harmed in the making of this inevitable YouTube video.

“But nobody, the pilots, don’t die in Starlink. They get unlinked and their ship disappears, then you can respawn at the Equinox [the base in space] or on a planet, depending on the location. Or you can swap ship, put another one on, and carry on your adventure right where your previous ship was incapacitated.”

So yes, you can try to go to the star, but you won’t make it.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas heads to Xbox One, PS4 and Switch on 16 October.


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