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Guerrilla Games: Players can explore Horizon: Zero Dawn “in a couple of different ways”


Guerrilla Games is holding all its cards to its chest with PlayStation exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn, but speculation that protagonist Aloy will be able to ride a mount has been around since its unveiling.

Speaking with DualShockers, Senior Producer Mark Norris didn’t confirm the existence of a robotic horse for Aloy, but he did give an interesting response when quizzed about exploring the game world. “The reality is, a certain size of the world I think demands a mount, right? We take a look at a world like The Witcher, which is an enormous world, we take a look at a world likeSkyrim, which is 41 square kilometers, and they’ve added mounts.

“We take a look at GTA or Saints Row, those are games that have cars, right? So they have mounts.

“We’re not ready to talk about the different ways that Aloy moves around the world, but what I can guarantee is, it’s not just walking and running. Certainly, she gets around the world in a couple of different ways.”

To us, that sounds like confirmation. With a world full of technology there’s likely to be some more advanced methods of transportation for players to find too. For now though, we’ll be happy with robot horse. Scratch that. Robot Unicorn.

Horizon: Zero Dawn will be exclusive to PS4.

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