Gears 5 Xbox Series update adds Batista, New Game+, Ironman mode

A huge Gears 5 Xbox Series X update will add a host of new features including New Game+, Batista in the campaign, new difficulties including an Ironman mode and more.

Ironman mode is one of two new difficulty modes that will be added to the game on 10 November — the launch of the Xbox Series S & X — joining Inconceivable. The new difficulties make the new New Game+ mode, in which you’ll be able to bring your previously-earned upgrades and abilities with you, extremely important.

“If you’re familiar with that in games like XCOM, [which] maybe is the best example where you don’t want to die ever — you’re trying to play through with one life [in Ironman mode]. That’s really challenging and that’s where bringing over your OP Jack is going to help you get through that,” Principal Lead Producer, Zoë Curnoe, told IGN. “Or certainly playing through co-op if you’re both in Ironman, that would be a really fun thing to challenge as well. So we certainly loved the couch co-op challenges for Gears.”

While Kait, Hel and JD will get new character skins, players will also be able to use Marcus Fenix’s Batista skin during the campaign. New Achievements will be added as well, meaning you’ll have a good reason to play through campaign again.

The changes are bolstered by visual changes that mean 120FPS in multiplayer, a reduction of latency across the board and enhanced lighting and shadowing.

Gears 5 is out now on Windows PC and Xbox One and heads to Xbox Series S & X on 10 November. The title is part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription program.

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