Home News A founding Young Justice member has just come out

A founding Young Justice member has just come out

Excitement abounds!

Young Justice Outsiders has revealed that one of its long-running characters is in fact gay (or at least bisexual).

Spoilers continue past this point — you’ve been warned.

The newest member of the LGBTQI family is none other than Kaldur’ahm, a founding member of Young Justice, not to mention the team’s former leader and the newest incarnation of the Justice League’s Aquaman.

Aquaman’s sexual orientation was revealed in the episode, “Quiet Conversations,” in which Kaldur-ahm’s new love interest is revealed to be a man named Wyynde, an aid to the King of Atlantis, King Orin. It should be said that It’s unclear at this time if the writers intend for Kaldur-ahm to be gay or bisexual, as he has maintained relationships with women in previous seasons.

You can check out Kaldur and Wyynde getting hot and heavy below.

Young Justice Outsiders is currently airing on DC Universe.


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