Far Cry 5, The Crew 2, unannounced game delayed by Ubisoft

Far Cry 5, The Crew 2 and an unannounced game have all been delayed, Ubisoft today confirmed.

First, Far Cry 5 has been pushed back by one month, from 27 February 2018 to 27 March 2018. Next, The Crew 2 will now hit stores shelves in the first half of Fiscal 2018-2019, placing it somewhere between 1 April and 31 September 2018.

Finally, an unannounced game has been delayed until sometime between 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020. Ubisoft didn’t go into detail about this title but did mention it’s a “franchise” game. Any guesses?

Ubisoft said the delays are for quality control.

“This decision is in line with our strategic vision of developing even more engaging and higher quality experiences for gamers. Taking more time with Assassin’s Creed Origins enabled our talented development team to fully express their creative vision,” said Christine Burgess-Quémard, Ubisoft’s Worldwide Studios Executive Director.

“As expected, this had a very positive impact on the game’s quality and largely participated to its commercial success. Taking a similar approach, we have decided to invest additional development time in three upcoming games.”

We’ll let you know what that third title is as soon as its formally announced.

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