The Rainbow Six: Siege Invitational 2019 finals kick off this weekend


Australia's headed to the main stage.

With a $2 million USD prize pool, the Rainbow Six: Siege Invitational 2019 finals begin soon as the next stage of the event kicks off. 8 teams of the competition have already been eliminated in the group stage as the final 8 begin their journey through the quarterfinals at the main event in Montreal, Canada. The sold out event is expected to bring in thousands of spectators from around the world, as well as a strong online presence across streaming services.

Fnatic, Nora-Rengo, Team Empire, Team Liquid, G2 Esports, SpaceStation Gaming, Evil Geniuses, and Team Reciprocity currently remain in the tournament. Representing Australia is Fnatic, who we talked to while they were preparing — they topped their group after beating Team Reciprocity 2-1, and FaZe Clan 2-1. Fnatic will go up against Nora-Rengo – who are the other APAC team, based out of Japan. They came in 2nd for their group, and in doing so APAC will showcase their abilities in the first match on the main stage for the Invitational.

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Going head-to-head these two teams have faced off against each other in past. Last October Nora-Rengo bested Fnatic 2-0 at the Asia Pacific Pro League Season 8 Finals, however two weeks later Fnatic turned things around beating Nora-Rengo 2-1 at the Six Masters during PAX Australia. APAC is making a big push into the competitive scene for Rainbow Six: Siege, where both teams ranked in the top 4 at the Pro League Season 8 Finals after knocking out Rogue and Evil Geniuses from the North America region.

This weekend we will also get a glimpse of what we can expect from Rainbow Six: Siege as it heads into its 4th year. Including season 1 in which we will be making our way to the Australian Outback where Mozzie and Gridlock have been teased as the new operators joining the game in March.

To watch the event head to Twitch — Australia’s Fnatic is scheduled to play in a quarterfinal match on Saturday. We’ve also embedded the event’s stream below.

Rainbow Six: Siege is available on Windows PC, Xbox One, And PS4. This weekend you can play the game for free.

Luke Lawrie traveled to Montreal, Canada as a guest of Ubisoft to cover the Rainbow Six: Siege Invitational.

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