Sydney Drop Bears take third consecutive Overwatch Contenders victory


Making history.

The Sydney Drop Bears have emerged as the Overwatch Contenders Australian championship team for the third year running.

The Drop Bears bested ORDER 4-1 in the Contenders Australia 2018 Season 3 Grand Final, held this past Sunday in Sydney. The Drop Bears took down HEIST (3-0) to make it to the finals while ORDER also bested Athletico Esports 3-0 in an attempt to take top spot.

You can check out finals action below.

The Drop Bears still managed to take their third consecutive win after a year fraught with change. This year, the team lost Kelsey ‘Colourhex’ Birse to the Boston Uprising alongside Leyton ‘Punk’ Gilchrist and Ashley ‘Trill’ Powell to Overwatch Contenders North America.

Congratulations to the Sydney Drop Bears.

Overwatch is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.