SonicFox’s #IMGAY hashtag is a glorious thing


He's gay. Get over it.

SonicFox, a self-described “Black Queer Furry,” is making waves on Twitter after leaning into homophobic comment and creating a trending hashtag, #IMGAY.

The situation started after SonicFox retweeted a negative tweet intended to point out the amount of times the Esports player referred to himself as homosexual.

Since then, fans have rushed to SonicFox’s aid, tweeting messages (and pieces of artwork) of support alongside the #IMGAY hashtag.

Solid stuff, everyone!

SonicFox was named ‘Best Esports Player’ at The Game Awards 2018 and among other achievements was the ESL’s first Mortal Kombat X champion. Long story short, he’s better at video games than you are (and life too if you have an issue with his sexual orientation).