ESL, Hulu partner for Esports TV shows


The ESL and Hulu today announced a partnership that will bring four Esports shows to the popular streaming service.

“Esports appeals to a younger, more digitally savvy audience so Hulu is a perfect platform to build out our original content and expose the world of Esports to new audiences,” ESL Senior VP of Global Media Rights and Distribution, Nik Adams, said via statement.

The shows include:

  • Player V. Player: A gamified debate show featuring Esports stars discussing industry topics.
  • Bootcamp: A reality show, of sorts, following CS:GO team The Immortals as they recruit three new players.
  • Defining Moments: A documentary series that covers — you guessed it — defining moments of Esports.
  • ESL Replay: A doco-style recap show of Esports tournaments.

All four series are set to premiere later in the year. Hulu isn’t offered here in Australia, but enterprising sorts can easily pass the geoblocking hurdle.

Which series are you excited for?