Discussions to include Esports at the Olympics were “premature”


Don't hold your breath for inclusion...

Discussions include Esports as a medal event in the Olympics were “premature” the International Olympic Committee has recently declared.

Meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland, over the weekend the Olympic Summit decided there were a number of uncertainties which currently preclude esports from inclusion in the Olympics.

The committee, via GamesIndustry, met in Lausanne, Switzerland for an Olympic Summit over the last weekend. There, it said it found some Esports are “not compatible with Olympic values”. Of note, the committee noted the “fragmented” nature of the gaming industry, full of “tough competition between commercial operators”. It’s that latter statement which seems to be of most concern, with the committee calling the commercial gaming industry at odds with the “values-based” traditional sports movement.

It’s not all negative — the committee said it recognised that Esports “entails physical activity which can be compared to that required in more traditional sports”, and that the Olympic Movement “should continue to engage with [its] community”.

The committee seems to favour simulation-type games like FIFA and has encouraged international sports organisations to explore future opportunities.

Time to reassess your dreams of becoming an Olympic gold medalist in Overwatch, boys and girls.