Athletico Esports win the Rainbow Six: Siege ANZ Invitational


Over the weekend, the grand final of the Rainbow Six: Siege ANZ Invitational took place in Sydney with Athletico Esports going up against Corvidae.

In this best of 5 matchup Corvidae headed in as the favourites to take out the tournament, but Athletico Esports showed up to battle with both teams delivering an exciting final that went right down to the wire with three of the maps going into overtime.

In the first map of the series Athletico Esports selected Oregon. During a critical moment with Athletico on the attacking side they managed to secure one of the sites and plant the defuser. Corvidae swiftly worked their way back into the site and were in the process of destroying the defuser; which they were about to accomplish. Instead they suspected someone was nearby and cancelled the action, only to then move away from the defuser. In doing so this put them out of cover to be in the line of sight from where Athletico Esports were flanking. This ended up costing Corvidae the round with Athletico Esports going on to secure a 6-5 victory in overtime on Oregon.

The second map in the rotation chosen by Corvidae was Border; which ended up being the only map to be played throughout series that was released as expansion content – all the others selected were original launch maps. The highlight round of this match went to Todd from Athletico, who went on to clutch a 1 vs 2 shootout that put his team on the edge of winning the tournament as they locked in a 6-5 victory during overtime.

Trying not to be swept Corvidae went on a rampage in the snowy French alps map Chalet. This is where Corvidae showed some absolute domination on the Athletico Esports selected map by destroying their opponents 5-0. In one situation which saw Corvidae down 2 vs 5 players, Athletico Esports appeared to have that round all but won. However Corvidae’s Jackdaddy had some clutch moments that allowed them to drag that round back and stop Athletico Esports from gaining a single point.

Map four was Bank, one of Corvidae’s favourite maps to play on. The commentators speculated that Athletico Esports might have some pocket strategies in place as they let the map through the rotation without banning it. While Athletico did put up a spectacular series of rounds to hold off as long as they could, Corvidae dragged the game into overtime where they fought a 6-4 win in the end.

With the series tied up 2-2 the final map selected was Kafe Dostoyevsky; a location which had fallen out of tournament rotation until the recent addition of Mira into the operator list earlier this year. This is where Athletico Esports regained their momentum from the start of the series with a 5-3 triumph over Corvidae, overall winning the Rainbow Six: Siege ANZ Invitational 3-2, and a $5,000 first prize.

From here all the eight teams that competed in the Rainbow Six: Siege ANZ Invitational have qualified for the ANZ division of the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League tournament due to take place over the next few months. The two top ANZ teams in that division will move on to the APAC Finals in October, which will again be hosted in Sydney. Our local teams will go up against six other APAC teams from Japan, South East Asia, and South Korea, with the top two then advancing to the global Pro League finals at Brazil in mid-November.

Rainbow Six: Siege is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.