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Errors prevent the new look PlayStation Store from launching in the UK


The new PlayStation Store is now live across the PAL region, however technical issues have prevented the new store from being launched in the UK. Although the store was briefly available in the region, the errors forced Sony to remove the update and reinstate the old store.  Sony have not yet announced a timeline for a relaunch of the new store but have released the following statement;

“The phased launch of the new PlayStation(R)Store has been temporarily postponed in some territories as teething issues related to the global roll-out of the Store are being addressed and resolved. It is really important to us that the best possible Store experience is delivered and we appreciate your patience as we resolve these matters. The new PlayStation(R)Store is now live in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, UAE, Kuwait , Qatar, India, Israel Poland, Turkey, Greece, Slovenia, Hungry and South Africa.”

In our opinion piece we discussed the issues we experienced with the new PlayStation Store. It appears as though we weren’t alone.

What are your experiences with the new PlayStation Store?

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