Home News Dragonborn DLC is coming to PC and PS3 in 2013

Dragonborn DLC is coming to PC and PS3 in 2013


While those lucky Xbox 360 owners can get their hands on “Dragonborn” – the latest DLC for Skyrim – later today the wait goes on for PC and PS3 players. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, with Bethesda announcing via their blog that the content would be coming to PC and PS3 “early next year”.

The exact time-frame is is unknown at the moment, but the good news is that the content is coming. This hints at whatever isues were preventing previous DLC from being released for Sony’s platform being remedied, which may in-turn pave the way for the PS3 to receive the “Dawnguard” and “Hearthfire” DLC at some point in the future too.

So sit tight PC and PS3 players, your time is coming. Xbox 360 gamers, try not to show off too much.

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