The Division 2’s 8-player Raid doesn’t have matchmaking


Missed opportunity?

The Division 2′s first 8-player Raid opens up this week, and Ubisoft has confirmed that it won’t support matchmaking.

As you might expect, fans aren’t too happy they’ll need to find ways to partner up with seven other players without in-game functionality that assists.

“This is the same reason I stopped playing Destiny,” Redditor IfIThenReturnDead said of Ubisoft’s decision not to allow matchmaking in the Operation Dark Hours Raid. “I got to the end of matchmaking content and I don’t have real life friends. Guess I’m done here too.Operation Dark Hours.”

Ubisoft, at the very least, seems to be listening to player feedback.

“About the matchmaking topic for [The Division 2] Raid: give me a bit of time to circle back with the [Ubisoft Massive] team and we’ll get you a full overview and explanation,” Ubisoft’s Alexandre Guenounou has tweeted in response to backlash.

While fellow looter shooter Destiny 2 doesn’t offer matchmaking for its Raids, Bungie has made a LFG (looking for group) area inside its Destiny 2 app.

The Division 2 is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.