Street Fighter 5’s in-game ads take ugly costumes to another level



Street Fighter 5‘s in-game ads are live, and they’re making most characters’ default costumes ugly as all hell.

You can take a look at some choice selections above and below, including a Guile who’s had his trademarked American flag tattoos replaced by ones for the Capcom Pro Tour. Is nothing sacred? Considering Akuma’s new duds, we guess not…

The Street Fighter subreddit is going off right now, posting humourous shot after shot ripping into Capcom’s decision to include ads on costumes, stages and loading screens. While players can turn ads off for themselves, users on the subreddit are saying that you’ll still be able to see the ads on the costumes of opponents who’ve chosen to keep ’em active.

Leaving the ads on offers a small bump to in-game FM, as we previously reported.

What do you make of ads inside Street Fighter 5? The game’s available now on Windows PC and PS4.