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Capcom’s putting ads in Street Fighter 5 tomorrow

This is pretty gross.

Capcom will put ads in Street Fighter 5 tomorrow, the publisher has declared.

Called “sponsored content,” the ads will “remind” players about “costumes, bundles, and the Capcom Pro Tour,” Capcom said. They’ll be positioned inside loading screens, stages themselves and — easily worst of all — on clothing worn by fighters.

While the ads can be turned off, Capcom’s trying to get you to leave them on by awarding you additional Fight Money for each view. That’s getting players up in arms because those who turn the ads off will be at a disadvantage to compared to those who leave them on.

Admittedly, they seem to be promoting the game itself right now, but what do you think — should Capcom be permitted to introduce ads into a game its players have paid for? Do you think Capcom will eventually introduce ads for third-party goods and services in place of, say, the Capcom Pro Tour?

Street Fighter 5 is available on Windows PC and PS4.


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