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Resident Evil 2 London bar has a cocktail made from real blood


A special Resident Evil 2 London bar will be open for the game’s launch and offer fans a chance to drink a cocktail made from real blood.

Yeah, you read that right: real blood.

The ‘Safe House Experience & Bar’ will be open between 25 and 26 January, coinciding with Resident Evil 2‘s release, at The BargeHouse, South Bank in London.

“Guests will be encouraged to take shelter in the last safe area of Raccoon City and get their hands on the real-blood antidote to save them from the devastating T-virus sweeping the city, alongside settling their nerves with other classic Midwest American cocktails, beers, wines and rations,” Capcom advised.

A full experience is offered to those who register for tickets, though a limited experience and game demo are also on offer to those who’d prefer a little less… um… real blood.

“Playing on the idea of survival, we wanted to give fans a little glimpse into Resident Evil 2’s iconic universe and challenge them to test their survival instincts in the environment of the critically acclaimed survival horror game,” Capcom’s Laura Skelly, Senior PR Manager, said.

“We are looking forward to opening the doors of the Raccoon City Police Department… and seeing who will be among the lucky survivors to make it up to the Safe House unscathed and get to sample the our real-blood antidote cocktail!”

It’s unclear what species the real blood comes from. Sooooo, eww?

Resident Evil 2 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 25 January. A special 1-Shot Demo is available from this weekend.


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