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Missed P.T. on PS4? Grab Unreal PT on PC right now!

Now's your chance!

P.T. remake, Unreal PTis now available on PC thanks to a dedicated developer.

The remake was released late last week, a project by RadiusGordello. Rebuilt in the Unreal Engine, the release is a mixture of original assets and those pulled from the original Kojima Productions release.

“Although I did set out to make all the assets from scratch, I felt it would have taken away from the authenticity of the whole experience if I recreated some of the more iconic ones: Lisa’s, Norman’s, and the baby’s models, the baby’s animations, the radio, and the pictures in the picture frames,” RadiusGordello wrote in a post. “In addition to this I also had to reuse the original sounds because I don’t know much about audio creation myself.”

The title also supports VR, though RadiusGordello confessed he doesn’t have a VR headset of his own to test with.

The new release also lacks the final pre-rendered cutscene found in the original P.T., but you can view that here. P.T. stood for “playable teaser” and served as an introduction to Silent Hills, a Hideo Kojima collaboration with Norman Reedus that never saw the light of day.

Kojima and Reedus have since moved on to Death Stranding, a PS4 exclusive.


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