Rage 2 has a pretty disgusting Tim Willits Easter egg



Rage 2 has a bunch of Easter eggs for players to hunt down, but one with id Software’s Tim Willits is notable… and revolting.

If you head to the Trade Town of Wellspring and immediately turn right, you’ll find an in-game representation of Willits at the end of an alleyway. The NPC, named “Wimothy Tilliits”, is shown defecating on a toilet, clad in yellow slippers and eating a rat. Yummo.

Check him out below, if you dare. If you’re not so much keen on Wimothy, you might be keen on grabbing the BFG 9000 if you’ve got the game’s Deluxe Edition — more on that here.

Rage 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.