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Pornhub’s big winners of 2018: Fortnite, PS4, Bowsette & Pikachu

Sometimes you need to put down that DualShock and have a good fap.

Pornhub has released end of year stats for 2018 and Fortnite has proven a big winner.

Searches for Fortnite eclipsed that of Overwatch in 2018, landing at spot 15 of the site’s top 20 searches. In terms of character-specific searches, Bowsette has a special meme to thank for her popularity; she soared ahead of Overwatch‘s Bridgette and Mercy and Nintendo characters like Pikachu and Zelda.

Yep. The takeaway here is that people are searching for Pikachu porn.

When it comes to console searches on Pornhub, PS4 requests lead the pack at 54%, follwed by 33% on Xbox One.

If you want the full (safe for word, strangely) rundown of Pornhub’s 2018, you can head here.


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