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Massive EVE Online fight destroys huge amounts of digital property

It's going to take a lot of effort to bring those ships back.

A massive fight within EVE Online has caused thousands of dollars of damage of digital property.

As reported by the in-game faction Imperium, the group identified a vulnerability in fellow faction, the Northern Coalition, and its Keepstar (think Death Star and you’re on the right track). The Imperium decided to launch a full-scale assault against the Northern Coalition, and the latter moved in its fleet to defend.

At last count, both sides have suffered huge losses — the Imperium has lost 27 Titans (the game’s largest pilotable ship) and the Northern Coalition, 29.

While this mightn’t sound all that impressive, that changes when you factor in the amount of real-life time and energy that’s been put into creating these spacecraft within the MMO; current estimates on the losses, as reported by GameInformer, equal approximately $100,000 USD of lost digital property.

At least Titan pilots will get to experience the MMO grind again, eh?

At last report, the Keepstar’s hanging in there.

EVE Online is available now on Windows PC, Mac, Linux and Android devices.


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