Is It Love? Blue Swan Hospital has us thirsty on a Friday


We call dibs on first-year resident Mike Stover.

Is It Love? Blue Swan Hospital was today detailed by Ubisoft, and it’s got our office feeling pretty thirsty.

Developed by 1492 Studio, which recently was acquired by Ubisoft, the free-to-play mobile series is described by its new publisher as an “interactive drama”.

“Players step into the role of a young and brilliant intern who has freshly arrived at Blue Swan Hospital as they navigate through their career, friendships, scandals and love life,” Ubisoft continued. “Players will meet an exciting cast of characters and the decisions made will ultimately determine relationships with friends and love interests.”

The game can be grabbed here for iOS or here for Android devices. New episodes will be added fortnightly.

Um, dibs on the hunky doctors if same-sex romancing is allowed.

What do you make of Is It Love? Blue Swan Hospital?