God of War sure was buggy (until it wasn’t)


You're not looking so well, Kratos...

A host of God of War bugs were jokingly detailed by Sony Santa Monica over on the PlayStation Blog.

The bugs certainly do “not represent final product” as their watermarks assert — we praised the game’s retail release for being tight and polished. Nonetheless, the bugs are hilarious.

In addition to the slightly NQR (that’s “not quite right” for non-Aussies out there) Kratos, above, you can head over to the PlayStation Blog to check out weird-looking versions of a Troll, Atreus and more.

As you’d expect, the big-ticket detailed in the blog were stamped out by Sony Santa Monica ahead of release.

“In every single department throughout the studio, people were heeding Kratos’ words: ‘We must be better.’,” Curt Markwardt, QA Lead at Santa Monica Studio, wrote. “Quality Assurance (QA) was no exception and, amidst the craziness of building this titan of a title, we onboarded and trained a team of roughly 40 extraordinary people who embodied the fundamentals of what was important to us as a studio… a team that was not simply responsible for researching and reporting the bugs they encountered throughout the game, but were also expected to improve their craft and innovate in ways that benefited not just the QA team, but the studio as a whole.”

God of War is available now on PS4.